Hi there!

I'm Justine. 



As I sat down to write the very first post of my brand new blog, I couldn't help but wonder — was this a huge mistake?

Would regularly posting self-indulgent, personal posts addressed to the void only lead to widespread social embarrassment? Would my "blog" be more of a "slog"?

And just how many self-referential Carrie Bradshaw jokes could I make before it starts getting really old? 

"But I had to wonder — are we human, or are we dancer?"

So yeah, it's a blog. I thought I would start this because—secret's out!—I'm a highly emotional person. When I discover something new, or think about things I've loved for a long time, I often become completely and utterly overwhelmed by my feelings toward said film/song/actress/TV show/magazine layout/piece of clothing/very specific moment from an animated movie.

A recent example: this summer, when I heard a DJ seamlessly transition "Independent Women, Pt. 1" by Destiny's Child into "Wild Thoughts," I literally screamed and fell off my chair. Just because that confluence of things I loved, and the realization that they had the same beat, made me so. damn. happy.

This "emotional" thing is actually why I wanted to become a writer in the first place. I was p young when I realized that frantically typing out exactly how something made me feel, and then sharing it, was the only way for me to feel like I had fully appreciated, or done justice to whatever had moved me. 

If you're a very calm, collected, cucumber-human-hybrid and can't relate to this type of obsessive personality, I'd liken my overwhelming passion for random shit—the more detailed, specific, and pop culture-related the better—to that feeling when something is SO CUTE you just want to SQUEEZE IT (yes, that's a documented real thing and I know you've felt it). There's a lot of sudden, all-consuming, heart-swelling emotion and nowhere to put it.

So, I'm putting it here.

I don't know exactly where this blog is going, or if it's even worth bringing into a world already overloaded by #content. But like I said — I have a lot of feelings!!! So I might as well share them.

— JG





Introducing: Silver Screenshots 🎞

Introducing: Silver Screenshots 🎞